Starting out…

slimmingworldlogoHaving shed 21lbs since the start of the year, I was kind of stalling a bit and wanted to give my weight loss journey a kick in the seat of the pants.

My sister joined Slimming World earlier in the year and was doing really well with it, so I thought I’d go along to a meeting and see what it was like. I’ve tried several slimming clubs over the years, and none of them worked long-term for me, but my sister assured me that Slimming World was the easiest eating plan around and that she was never hungry. In fact, she said, she’d never eaten so much and lost weight in her life.

So I joined.

I was pleased to find I’m 4lbs lighter than I thought I was (my scales at home are obviously on the fritz, so they’re going in the bin!).

Here’s to starting a new adventure and heading towards my goal. I have 5 stones (70lbs) to go, but I’m feeling more confident that I can get there and STAY there this time!


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