Recipe: Syn-free overnight oats

This is a great recipe for those of us with next to no time in the morning – it’s something you set up the night before and you can just grab it and go. Whether you can make five minutes to eat before you leave, or you take it to work with you, it will keep the hunger pangs at bay till lunchtime and fuel your body with slow-release carbs. And to top it off, it’s simple and very, very tasty. What more can you possibly want from your breakfast?

It’s a very versatile recipe and can easily be switched about to make it perfect for your personal tastes.

F = Free food – eat as much of this as you like
S = Speed food – eat as much of this as you like, filling at least 1/3rd of your plate with it
P = Protein food – eat as much as you like
HEa = Healthy Extra A – daily dairy allowance
HEb = Healthy Extra B – daily fibre allowance


  • 35g plain porridge oats (HEb)
  • 1 Muller Light yoghurt – whichever flavour you like best (F)
  • Any fruit you like (F/S)
  • Flavouring/essence of your choice (optional) (F)


  • Mix the oats and yoghurt well in a pot or jar with a lid, add flavouring (if desired), and top with fruit.
  • Leave it in the fridge overnight so that the yoghurt soaks into the oats.
  • In the morning, grab a spoon and tuck in!

The one in the picture on the right has the Muller Light Vanilla Yoghurt Sprinkled with Dark Chocolate, some frozen morello cherries (which defrosted and let out their juice overnight), and a few drops of almond essence, which made it taste like a bakewell tart.

I’ve tried various flavours of yoghurt and topped it with all manner of fruits, including raspberries, strawberries, kiwi fruit, mango and passion fruit – all were delicious. It’s all a matter of what you like to eat.

Great for breakfast, supper, or a snack at any time, and despite tasting sinfully good, it’s entirely syn-free! And if you have overnight guests, setting it all up in a pretty glass (just cover the top with clingfilm overnight) makes for an impressive-looking and very inviting breakfast.


Overnight oats made with cherry yoghurt and topped with cherries and passion fruit


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