Recipe: Jazzed up syn-free salad

The weather’s getting warmer and salads are everywhere. The problem is, salads can get a bit, well, boring when you eat a lot of them. So what’s a slimmer to do to keep things interesting? Well, how about jazzing it up with… wait for it… fruit?!

I know, it seems a bit weird to have fruit with a load of vegetables, but bear with me here, and I think you’ll find you like it once you give it a try.

It’s the easiest thing in the world to through together a salad, but you don’t have to just stick to a handful of limp lettuce and some soggy cucumber. Try mixing it up with any combination of things that takes your fancy. Have a look at a few of these, and pull it together for something a bit different:

Make up the bulk of your salad from any combination of as many of these as you fancy (and don’t be limited by just these either:

Iceberg lettuce (S) and endive (S) , white cabbage (S) , carrot (S) , radish (S) , cucumber (S) , feta (HEa), roast chicken (P) and passion fruit (S)

Bulk (choose speed food as much as possible):

  • Lettuce (S) – try iceburg, lambs leaf, raddichio, rocket, endive or any manner of leafy green
  • Cabbage (S) – finely slice up white and red cabbage to add some crunch and colour
  • Carrot (S) – grate it, cut in into sticks or rounds, or have whole baby carrots
  • Cucumber (S) – slice it in discs or ribbons or curls
  • Radishes (S) – try all the different shades of pink, purple and red
  • Peppers (S) – red, green, orange or yellow – take your pick!
  • Baby spinach (S) – delicate, flavoursome
  • Beetroot (S) – pickled or fresh, sliced, grated or whole – you choose
  • Baby corn (S) – corn kernals are free, but pick baby corn and it’s a speed food!
  • Celery (S) – a crunchy classic
  • Cress (S) – sprinkle it on liberally
  • Red onions (S) – go for swwet varieties and slice them thinly
  • Spring onions (S) – a light, fresh flavour
  • Potatoes (F) – boil or steam some salad potatoes and serve them hot or cold
  • Sugar snap peas or mangetout (S) – regular peas would be a free food, but choose speed wherever possible!
  • Tomatoes (S) – sweet and juicy

Protein (optional)

  • Leftover roast chicken or turkey (P)
  • Pulled pork (P)
  • Pastrami (P)
  • Ham (P)
  • Finely sliced roast beef (P)
  • Eggs (P) – hard boiled, soft boiled, poached – however you like them!
  • Salmon, tuna, or mackerel (P)
Hot smoked salmon (P), lettuce (S), baby spinach (S), red cabbage (S), carrot (S), cucumber (S), radish (S), and beetroot (SP)
Hot smoked salmon (P), lettuce (S), baby spinach (S), red cabbage (S), carrot (S), cucumber (S), radish (S), and beetroot (SP)

Cheese (optional – use your HEa):

  • Cheddar
  • Feta
  • Mozarella
  • Parmesan shavings
  • soft / cottage cheese

Fruit (add one or two for some extra zing – don’t just be limited by these choices either!):

  • Passion fruit (S)
  • Pomegranate (F)
  • Raspberries (S)
  • Strawberries (S)
  • Apple or pear (S)
  • Pineapple (F)
  • Mango (F)
  • Melon (S)
  • Dragon fruit (F)
  • Sharon fruit
  • Grapes (F)
  • Citrus fruit segments (S)
  • Nectarine or peach (S)
  • Blackberries (S)
  • Blueberries (F)
  • Plums (S)
  • Guava (S)
  • Papaya (S)
  • Kiwi Fruit (F)
  • Kumquats (F)

The possibilities of flavour combinations are endless – just mix and match to suit what takes your fancy or use what you have to hand.


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