Week 4 weigh in

keep-calm-its-weigh-in-dayIt’s Tuesday, so that means it’s weigh in day!

Even though I knew I had done better this week, I’d still had a few “wobbly” days where I knew full well I had overeaten on things I really should have avoided, so while I waited in line to get weighed, I suffered a little trepidation. Then again, even when I know I’ve been spot on plan, I still have that little anxiety attack, wondering if it will have resulted in a pound or so coming off, or if my hormones will have played against me and made me gain instead.

SowThis week, I had a positive result – another 2.5 lbs off and joint slimmer of the week award! Slimmer of the week gets a nice selection of food goodies, so the other member and I split them between us.

Unfortunately, I left at the end of class without picking up my sticker and certificate – doh!

My Slimmer of the Week prize – apples (S), a pear (S), clementines (SP), Muller Light Banana and Custard flavoured yoghurt (F), a low-cal hot chocolate drink (2), Golden Vegetable Rice (2.5)

The class today was great though – one of our members was struggling a little, so we all made lists of reasons for and against losing weight – basically, examining our reasons for wanting to shed the extra pounds and the little things that keep us from doing that. You can see mine here: FOR AND AGAINST


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