Week 7 weigh in

keep-calm-its-weigh-in-dayHere we are again – it’s weigh in day! I had an odd experience this morning – I found I was actually looking forward to stepping on the scales! This was a much better week for me, food-wise and also head-space-wise, even if I didn’t get in as much physical activity as I usually would (no dance class due to the half-term holiday, and no aquafit class or second gym session due to family commitments), but I stayed on-plan and on-track.

And you know what? It feels good!

It feels really, really good to know that I’ve done the best I can. And it paid off too – a 3.5lbs loss this week – hurrah!

02.06.15 - First stone award
02.06.15 – First stone award

This means I also got my first stone award at group, and it makes a total of 36.5lbs (2 stones, 8.5lbs) melted off my frame since the start of the year. That’s heavier than my youngest son who is 20 months old and is starting to feel rather hefty in my arms – how on earth did I manage to carry that extra weight around all day, every day? If you asked me to carry that weight in a bag, I’d be putting it down every five minutes!

A big shout out, hello and thank you, to Jill Heslop‘s Tuesday 9am group (she’s a fabulous Slimming World consultant), and especially to the ladies who came up to me in class this morning to tell me they enjoy my blog – you made me smile a mile wide!

Now, on to another week of fabulousness – eating to plan, experimenting with different recipes, and getting physical – I’d like to drop another 2lbs this week!


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