Week 8 weigh in

keep-calm-its-weigh-in-dayAnother week, another weigh in! But it’s not all about the weight coming off (although that’s a large part of it, of course!), it’s also about being fitter and healthier in general.

To that end, I’ve been working towards my Gold Body Magic Award, and this week, I go it! I was actually given the wonderful surprise of gaining it a few days earlier than expected, as I had already completed my 150 minutes for the week before I got to today! So my weekly activity log now starts on Sunday every week, instead of Tuesday.

06.06.15 - Gold Body Magic
06.06.15 – Gold Body Magic

To gain the Gold Award, you have to complete 150 minutes of activity each week (10 x 15 minutes or 5 x 30 minutes over the course of five days each week) for eight consecutive weeks. Now I am working towards my Platinum Award, which you gain by completing two consecutive Gold Awards. Once I’ve completed that, I’ll start working on the various distance challenges – perhaps I’ll end up walking, swimming and cycling my way round the virtual globe!

I also hit the first major milestone award at my gym, having racked up over 15,000 fit points – it’s a fabulous boost and great incentive to keep going! I’ve also lifted over 100,000kg in weights at the gym since I joined at the end of February – that makes me smile!

So, how did the weigh in go? I did three SP days this week (Saturday, Sunday and Monday), largely to see if it was feasible for me to occasionally do it without too much trouble, but also to see if it would make any significant difference. I also took part in a challenge to not snack late at night, so I ate nothing after about 8.30pm (apart from one night when I forgot and grabbed something at around 9.30pm and then kicked myself!). Those were the only things I did differently this week. And I gained a pound!

dude-wtf21I was absolutely gobsmacked, as I had stuck to plan, done some SP and got in all my usual weekly activities – I was feeling so positive that I had shed a good couple of pounds at least, that I was gutted when I stepped on the scales and found the number had gone up instead of down!

Ah well, it happens, I guess. Body weight fluctuates day to day, and even hour by hour – I did everything right and it didn’t work out this time. I am not downhearted! I will stick to plan this week, and although I’ll be missing some of my usual activities due to other commitments, I will still be running around like a crazy thing, so I’m certain that this time next week, not only will I have lost that sneaky pound, but I will have sent at least one other packing with it!

Onwards and downwards!

And next week is taster week, so I’m going to make some of my chilli chicken for everyone to try. I’m so excited! 🙂

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