Week 9 weigh in

keep-calm-its-weigh-in-daySo, last week I gained a pound, despite my best efforts. This week, I’m pleased to say, I shed that gained pound and an extra half pound along with it. I’m happy with that!

At this week’s meeting we had a taster session, so I took in some of my chilli chicken. I decided to have some for dinner last night, so I whipped up an extra large batch in order to have plenty to take with me this morning, but as there were more juices from the chicken, the sauce didn’t go all sticky and glossy like it usually does. It still tasted pretty good though, and I was pleased that some of the others picked up the little recipe slips I made to put beside it in case anyone else fancied trying to make it at home.

There were loads of lovely dishes on offer to sample. My favourites were the carrot and coriander soup, the white chocolate and raspberry mousse (oh, my word, that was to die for!), and, surprisingly, the curried chickpea dahl loaf (the ingredients make it sound vile, but it was rather tasty!). There were also raw fruit kebabs, with the fruit threaded onto Mikado sticks (ooh, what a decadent treat!). I also tried a beautiful meat dish which turned out to be lamb – I don’t even like lamb, but it was delicious!

I’ll definitely be trying some of the recipes that were brought in today. It all goes to show, having a taster session can open you up to new ideas and possibilities, which can jazz up your own menu at home, which is always good, because it can keep up from getting in a rut and going on a boredom binge.

So, here’s to a positive result this week and marching forward to next week  – I really want to smash it at my next weigh in!


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