Trainer treat!


I figured it was time to treat myself. As a reward for shedding 37lbs this year so far, I decided to get myself some new trainers, as my old ones are falling apart and are no longer comfortable, and if there’s one thing likely to make me decide not to go to the gym, it’s having uncomfortable footwear!

I don’t need any excuse to go to the gym – I love going there – it’s my “me time” when I don’t have to speak to anyone, or do anything for anyone, or have small children hanging off me and clammering for my attention – I can just plug my earphones into my iPod and work up a good sweat. Having comfortable footwear isn’t really an added incentive, as I don’t really need one, but it’s certainly something that makes the experience even more enjoyable.

And as there was a sale on, I got myself not one, but two pairs, and four new pairs of trainer socks with added support. I have quite high arches (I stood on a special machine and it did all my foot measurements to tell me what kind of shoes would be best for me), and weak ankles, so I need all the extra support I can get to keep my feet from rolling in towards each other!

Anyway, I now feel very happy with my comfy new footwear and am wearing one pair around the house as I type, to break them in ready for my gym session tomorrow afternoon. Hubby is off work this week, so I’ll hopefully be able to get in an extra session or two – hurrah!

And in case you’ve ever wondered what is the best way to tie your laces to avoid blisters or your feet slipping around in side your shoes, well, you know those holes at the top of the shoe that we often ignore? Check out this video to see how to use them properly!


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