Week 10 Weigh In

keep-calm-its-weigh-in-dayWell, here we are again, another weigh in day! I was expecting to have gained a ton this week, as it’s that time of the month and, to be honest, in my hormone-induced hunger, I ate, like, three small countries this week, and two of them were ones that produce chocolate. On top of that, with one thing or another, I didn’t make it to the gym even once last week, and there was no aquafit class as there was a swimming gala on at the pool.

So, really, I should have gained loads this week, but I didn’t. I gained half a pound, which I’m fine with.

To be completely truthful, though, even though I ate way more syn-ful foods than I should have, my meals were all heavy on the speed food, which probably helped me avoid a larger gain. However, this week, I want to be 100% on-plan. I was going to have a “free day” today, where I just didn’t think about what I was having, and just had whatever I fancied, but on reflection, I’ve decided against it. And as hubby is off work this week, I was able to go directly to the gym after group this morning, which has left me feeling a lot better (I was knackered this morning after next to no sleep last night – a combination of alarms repeatedly going off, and our youngest son being slightly under the weather and very restless).

This week will be my last dance class till September (boo!), but I’ll be progressing to the next class in September, so I’ll have that to look forward to. And unfortunately, I’ll be missing aquafit this week, as our eldest son is going to a birthday party, but I’ll try to sneak in another gym (and possibly swim) session before Sunday to make up for it.

Hey ho, on to another week! Keep checking back for more reviews and recipes this week – I’ve got some goodies coming up!


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