When experiments go wrong…

I love to cook. I like to bake, but I’m a bit hit and miss in my efforts – half the time things work out brilliantly, the other half, meh!

On Tuesday, I decided to celebrate my weight loss by baking some brownies. I found a recipe for half-syn brownies and thought that would be pretty much perfect – something I could share with my family, and feel like I was indulging but not blow my syn allowance.

Look good, smell good, taste awful. Better luck next time!

So I followed the recipe, and popped it in the oven.

Then they were ready.

They smelled gorgeous.

They looked pretty darned good.

I cut them into 25 evenly-sized pieces, and gave one to each of my boys and my hubby, then took one for myself.

We all took a bite…

… and immediately spat them out.

The texture was fine – more cakey than brownie-ish, but it was a nice enough texture. But the flavour left an awful lot to be desired. It was bitter and not at all luxurious.

Lesson learned.

I shall look for a slightly more synful recipe that I can enjoy once in a while instead.


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