Non-Scales Victory: New Clothes

UntitledLosing weight means that eventually the clothes you have no longer fit. This is a good thing, as it shows you’re making real progress, but it’s also bad if, like me, you don’t particularly enjoy clothes shopping.

This week I had to admit it was time to bite the bullet and go shopping, as I’d been holding off as long as I possibly could, and most of my clothes were now hanging off me in an unflattering way.

So, I went into a few shops. As I’m determined to shed a lot more weight, I determined there was no point in going anywhere expensive – I wanted cheap, cheerful clothing that would last me the season, and when the season changes, I’ll be ready for some more, smaller clothing.

I was in luck – there was a sale on, so I grabbed a few summery dresses and went into the dressing room. I was dismayed, when I got there, to see I’d accidentally picked up a smaller size than I had intended, and thought, “Well, now I’m going to have to go back out and get the right size.”

But then I thought, “Well, as long as it’s here, I might as well see how much further I have to go till I can actually get into that size,” and I pulled it over my head.

It fit!

It fit perfectly – not too tight, enough room to move comfortably, just right!

It was three sizes smaller than I was buying at the start of the year. Four sizes different from some places.

Yes, it’s still a plus size, but it’s a much, much smaller plus size than I was, and smaller than I thought I was going to have to buy.

And you know what? In a couple of months, when I start thinking about changing into autumnal clothing? Those dresses are going to be hanging off me too, and I won’t need to buy in the plus size section at all.

Today is a good day!


6 thoughts on “Non-Scales Victory: New Clothes

  1. Fantastic! The scales show a number, but the real difference is in the non-scale victories. For some, it’s dropping a dress size (or four!), for others it’s being able to fit in a seat on a fairground ride or being able to sit with your legs crossed. I have a friend whose victory was being able to wear her wedding ring again after five years of it not fitting. Well done on your own brilliant non-scale victory. πŸ™‚


    • I haven’t got as far as being able to get my wedding and engagement rings back on yet, but I look forward to that day immensely – I love both my rings and I miss wearing them. Even after all this time, my fingers feel naked without them (I took them off when pregnant with my eldest son, who is now approaching his 7th birthday, and I’ve never been able to get them back on again).


  2. I love your updates Kell. Although my SW journey is faltering at the moment, I am still amazed that I don’t need to go to the Plus+ section from my clothes any more. Well done on your achievements to date. regards Penny Date: Fri, 3 Jul 2015 01:08:15 +0000 To:


  3. I’m really interested in your blog
    Kelly. I think it’s a great way to express yourself & help others at the same time. My weight has (I hope!) finally started to move again after weeks of being in the doldrums. The skill is not to give up & I haven’t (this time!) & it’s paid off. Four & half stone to go so still seems like a mountain to climb.


    • Thank you. πŸ™‚ I have another 3 1/2 stones to go till I reach my goal weight (with the distinct possibility that I’ll want to push it another half stone when I get there) – I know how you feel about it feeling like a mountain. However, mountains are there to be climbed and conquered, and we can do this! πŸ™‚


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