Syn-free snack

If you’re lucky enough to live in the beautiful north east of England, you’ll already know about the wonderful local delicacy that is pease pudding. I hated the stuff as a kid, but as an adult developed a real taste for it. When I lived in Scotland, I would beg relatives to bring me pounds of it for me to keep in the freezer whenever they came to visit, and I would fill a carrier bag with it to bring home with me whenever I ventured south of the border.

Now, I love it even more, because it turns out that pease pudding is absolutely FREE on the Slimming World plan!

Around these parts, it’s usually spread thick on stottie cake (another local delicacy), and topped with ham – the mild flavour complements it perfectly. However, stottie (a white bread product) is loaded with syns, so I try to avoid that as much as possible.

11700771_10155685261285386_803207067295721130_oI have, however, hit upon a great way to have a ham and pease pudding sandwich without using any bread at all, and I manage to get a bit of speed food in there too, so it’s even better.

What I do is this:

  • Spread the pease pudding directly on the slices of ham
  • Add some speed food/salad (I like to use a mixture of grated carrot and finely cut lettuce and cabbage)
  • Roll up the slice of ham around the filling

There you have it – a bread-free “sandwich” you can eat any time, guilt-free. I often have it for a snack or supper on those occasions when I realy, really want a sandwich, but have already used my Healthy Extra B and am running low on syns allowance, because it gives me that satisfied feeling and doesn’t cost a single syn. Win-win!

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