Non-Scales Victories come in all shapes and sizes

My lovely new bras – all pretty colours, now that I’m a smaller size – hurrah!

I realised this morning that none of my bras were fitting nicely, or even comfortably, any more. I had already cinched them in to the tightest fastening, but there was no denying any more that I needed a smaller size, both around the back, and in the front.

I was going to have to buy some new ones.

At first I was a bit miffed, as bras aren’t exactly the least expensive thing to buy, and I’m not exactly in a position to spend a fortune on replacing all my bras at once. Then I thought again – I have now lost enough weight that none of my old undies fit any more! I have to have new undies. Hey, this is the perfect excuse to do something I very rarely do – treat myself!

Even better still, I managed to find some decently-priced bras, and then discovered – hallelujah! – they were in the sale too!

So I now have nine, yes nine, pretty new bras (because for my smaller size they actually make pretty bras, not just ugly old granny hammocks!), and all my sad, saggy old bras are going in the bin.

This is a good thing!


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