Week 13 Weigh in

keep-calm-its-weigh-in-dayGutted! Another pound on, despite my best efforts. I only really had the one day where I went skew-whiff – I had planned ahead, but things didn’t exactly go to plan, when I had more to drink than I had allowed for, and then ate handfuls of peanuts on top of that. Apparently just 50g of peanuts comes in at 15 syns. Have you ever seen 50g of peanuts? It’s, like, one handful. I had about a dozen handfuls of peanuts over the course of that evening. 12 x 15 = 180 syns!!!

I completely blew it in one night. Considering a week’s allowance (7 x 15) is 105 syns, I went through the roof.

I have nobody but myself to blame. I’m surprised I didn’t put on more weight now that I see the syns involved!

So, this week, I will be more mindful and will stick to plan 100%. I have a gym review next Monday, but I’ll be at the gym tomorrow afternoon, and probably on Saturday afternoon too (I was there for a gym and swim session yesterday afternoon), as well as my aquafit class on Sunday night.

Let’s move forward and see the weight fall back off next Tuesday!

On a side note – I did have a non-scales victory this morning, when I decided to wear the trousers I’d kept from pre-pregnancy in the hopes of fitting into them again some time soon. They were too big, and I had to pull out another, older pair of trousers that were a size smaller again. So, even if I gained a pound, I had a little boost as well.

4 thoughts on “Week 13 Weigh in

  1. It’s human to make mistakes, and weight loss is hard. Don’t beat yourself to much! Just make a U-turn and get back on the road to success!


    • Exactly what I’m planning. I’ve had a stellar day, food-wise today so far, and I have dinner planned, although it won’t be till later – at least that means I’ll be too full to snack in the evening – LOL!


    • Thank you. I was just so mad at myself for cocking up so badly without even realising it. It’s different if you’re fully aware, but I had no excuse for being “blissfully” unaware of how many syns I was throwing into my mouth. Lesson learned! 😉

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