Week 14 Weigh In


After sticking to plan 100% and working out like a beast, I shed the 2lbs I’d gained over the last fortnight, and then some more, coming in with a 5 1/2lbs weight loss when I stepped on the scales this morning!

I confess I was strangely excited about going to weigh in today – I was actually looking forward to stepping on those scales, because I knew I had busted a gut and should at least have got shot of my previous gain. I went back to basics and read right through my book from start to finish again, just to make sure I wasn’t getting anything wrong – becoming complacent is so easy and can scupper your efforts without you even realising it, and I wanted to make sure that didn’t happen. I went over my syns allowance on day, but it was a conscious choice as I really did want that small slice of cake, but I also made the firm decision that if I had that cake, I could only have up to ten of my daily syns the next couple of days. They came in at 7.5 and 8 respectively, so I knew that overall for the week, I was well within my syns.

You know what? It felt good to be excited about going into group today and being completely worry-free when I got on the scales – I knew the numbers were going down, and based on the work I put in this week, I knew I deserved it.

UntitledI’m also chuffed to ribbons that I got both my 1 1/2 stones and Club 10 certificates this morning. I did a little happy dance for that, and they’re now up on my fridge so whenever I go there thinking I’ll have a little nibble, I’ll think a bit harder about what I’m going to nibble.

I’m anticipating some hormonal craziness this week, so I don’t expect such a big change next Tuesday, but I’m determined to stick to the plan again and have that number shift downwards, even slightly, and keep the momentum going. I am filled with renewed motivation and don’t intend to let that slip away now!

Over all, I have now shed 43.5lbs since New Year. I’m very happy with that. If I can shift a pound a week for the rest of the year, I will have got shot of another 8lbs by my birthday, and 21lbs by Xmas. Another week till the end of the year, would take me to a total of 65.5lbs for the year (4 stones 9.5lbs). That’s totally do-able, but I hope I can totally smash that and make it 5 stones by the end of the year. That’s my target. I’m going to keep my eyes on the prize!


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