Non-Scales Victory: New Old Clothes

52858bb1badb1d3f5bcad47940b5b126I was sorting through my wardrobe this past week. There were items in there I hadn’t worn in years – not since before I became pregnant with my youngest son, who is almost 22 months old. To be honest, some of them were getting rather snug even then, and some of them I hadn’t worn since I’d had my eldest son – he’ll be seven years old in September.

I was toying with the idea of just getting rid of them (as I’ve been getting rid of clothes as they become too large for me – the very best reason to get rid of clothes!), but then I thought, “What if I try them on, just to see how close I am to being able to squeeze into them?”

Here are the results:

  • 1 x pair of black pre-pregnancy trousers: TOO BIG!
  • 2 x pairs navy pin-striped pre-pregnancy trousers: PERFECT FIT!
  • 2 x black short-sleeved pre-pregnancy blouses: PERFECT FIT!
  • 1 x black pin-striped long-sleeved pre-pregnancy shirt: PERFECT FIT!
  • 1 x black and rose patterned pre-first-pregnancy dress: I CAN GET INTO IT AND WITHIN A COUPLE OF WEEKS I SHOULD BE ABLE TO WEAR IT!

I am on cloud nine about this!

All these items are now getting washed, dried and ironed in readiness and I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe at my disposal – without having to spend a single penny.

I’ll be sorting through my wardrobe again in another couple of months, just to see how things stand, and see if there’s anything else I can pull out of too-tight retirement!


One thought on “Non-Scales Victory: New Old Clothes

  1. That’s what I call a RESULT – well done you.
    I have four pairs of jeans from two or three years ago ( two brand new with tags) waiting in the spare room – another half a stone and I will be sliding into them and out of my baggy old ones. Yay! .


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