Week 15 Weigh In

keep-calm-its-weigh-in-dayIt’s been a bit of an uppy-downy week for me. Food and activity have both been pretty good, but another factor came into play – Mother Nature decided to make her monthly visit, which meant my body held onto every ounce of water and bloated me like, well, like a bloater, I suppose!

I said when I went in to be weighed, that if I had gained only 3lbs or under I would be surprised and pleased, as I fully expected it to be more (I routinely gain between 3lbs and 7lbs during shark week).

As I gained only 2lbs, I could that as a success, as I know that this time next week, my hormones will have settled back down again and it will come off, preferably taking an extra pound or two with it!

So, here are a couple of positives and negatives from this past week…

1. I couldn’t get to the gym yesterday, so I decided I would dust off my Camilla Dallerup Dance Off The Inches DVD and get in an hour’s workout at home while my youngest son (AKA Choochie) napped.

Negative: Choochie refused to go down for his nap, and as he’s hit a clingy stage, he wanted to be held the entire time, so I couldn’t do my full work out.

Positive: I did manage to do half the work out while carrying the hefty weight of my 22-month-old son, so it was, effectively, a cardio and weights routine, so that’s all to the good (even if my right shoulder is killing me today as a result!).

2. Mother Nature sent my hormones into a tizzy, causing insatiable cravings.

Negative: I fell off the wagon and head-first into a box of Mikado, which I then proceeded to completely demolish – they were all gone before I knew it.

Positive: It could have been a lot worse. I could have fallen into Hubby’s treat draw, which is filled with Chunky KitKats, Toffee Crisps, chocolate covered raisins and peanuts, midget gems, and chocolate fudge. If I’d fallen in there, I might have eaten the lot. And the rest of the week I had been well within my daily syns limit, so the damage from this little topple was minimized. I have also now sworn not to allow Mikado in the house, as they are far too moreish and I can’t just stop at one or two of them!

I’m all set for a better week. As my shoulder is in quite considerable pain due to my odd work out yesterday, and I have done a LOT of walking today, I have designated the rest of today a REST DAY, and shall go for a gym and swim session tomorrow afternoon, as by then I know my hormones will be starting to settle down a bit, and I won’t feel so crampy and tired, and I will welcome the relief of exercise.

And next week I will be getting my Platinum Body Magic, so that’s a major achievement to which I am looking forward immensely!


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