Food Swap: Courgetti for Spaghetti

My home-made courgetti in the pan

You know that moment, when you’re having an SP day, but then you remember you planned to make bolognese for dinner? You can’t have pasta on an SP day, but you don’t fancy having bolognese all on its own, so do you switch to an EE day, and syn the extra HEb choice you already ate? No! There is an alternative!

Some supermarkets are now selling “courgetti” as an alternative to pasta. As we all know, courgette is a speed food, so you can have as much as you like of it, even on an SP day – all it is, is strips of courgette that you pop in the frying pan with a little low-cal spray oil (I recommend the olive oil Fry Light) and Bob’s you’re uncle.

But you needn’t pay the extra price to buy it ready made – it’s very simple to do yourself.

I used a vegetable peeler to cut thin slices of courgette, then cut those slices into thin strips, however, I’m seriously considering investing in a spiral cutter to get nice, even noodles, as I think this is something I’ll do quite regularly – I adore courgette!

I served mine with some bolognese I had bulk-made and frozen in individual portions a little while ago, and it was delicious.

My courgetti served with bolognese

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