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A few days ago, I witnessed someone getting bashed on a Slimming World Facebook group. She had posted a recipe entirely comprised of ingredients that were either free or speed food on the Slimming World plan, but everyone was screaming at her (yes, some were even using capital letters!), saying that it was a “tweak” and that it had to be synned (although not one of them seemed to know how many syns it should be!).

Now, all it entailed was slicing a vegetable, spraying it with Fry Light, sprinkling over some salt and spices, and baking it in the oven. It was clear to anyone with common sense that it did not need to be synned, yet still, almost everyone on that thread was insisting it did.

So, to be on the safe side, I asked my consultant to settle the argument. She confirmed that it was a free recipe and didn’t have to be synned at all.

Even after this was confirmed by multiple consultants, the Syns Police kept screaming.

One of the few voices of reason messaged me, and together we rolled our eyes at how silly everyone was being, how sad it was that someone would get such abuse just for posting a recipe, and how nice it would be to have a group where common sense prevailed.

So we decided to start one of our own.

In just three days, our group grew to just over 200 members, all people who were sick to death of all the bickering and finger-pointing in other groups, and the numbers are growing. It’s an easy-going group where nobody is going to scream at you if you cut the fat off your bacon after you’ve grilled it, and nobody is going to point their finger and shout, “You’re doing it wrong!” if you have a spoonful of yoghurt on an SP day (because really, that’s up to you!), as everyone there knows the plan and can follow it however they like – if it works for them, we’re not going to tell them they can’t. It’s safe haven where everyone is expected to be an adult and act accordingly, to be respectful and supportive of each other, and share their tips, recipes, triumphs and disasters.

If you think you’d like to hang out in a place like that, come along and join us at our group:



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