14382951329722105732455I know there are people who lament losing “only” a pound or half a pound each week, when others are losing 4lbs or 5lbs or more, so I thought I’d put things into perspective:

0.5lbs per week for a year = 26lbs (2lbs shy of 2 stones)
1lb per week for a year = 52lbs (4lbs shy of 4 stones)
1.5lbs per week for a year = 78lbs (5st 8lbs)
2lbs per week for a year = 104lbs (7st 6lbs)

If I came to you at New Year and told you that by the end of the year you’d be two stones lighter and the eating plan was one where none of your favourite food were off limit, you’d think that was amazing. So next time you’re lamenting “only” losing half a pound, think of the bigger picture, because those half pounds add up. Think of the tortoise and the hare – slow and steady wins the race! We’ll all get there in the end if we stick at it.



2 thoughts on “Motivation…

  1. I lost half a pound last week. I am pleased with that because it is better off than on :). In total so far i have lost 2st 5.5lb’s in 11 months.


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