NSV: More clothes moving on…

JeansThis morning I thought I’d wear jeans, as the weather has taken another turn for the worse (just my luck, when I have a pile of laundry to be done!), but when I pulled them out of the closet, the jeans I had so recently resurrected from the “too-small” pile to the “hey, these fit me again!” pile, are now too big!

So I grabbed my crop jeans. Sure enough, I could take them off again without undoing them. Both pairs.

Then for good measure, I tried a few tops that were at the larger end of the scale in my wardrobe, and now they’re no longer in there either. Too baggy.

Same with a few skirts.

This morning I have found I can no longer wear:

  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 2 pairs of crop jeans
  • 3 skirts
  • 3 tops

I have also resurrected a slightly smaller pair of jeans that I only got to wear half a dozen times before I fell pregnant. They’re neat, but I can fasten them without having to lie down on the bed (how many of us have wriggled a zip closed that way?), and I can sit down in them without feeling like I’m being cut in half. I’d say, give me another couple of pounds off and they’ll fit like a glove.

Now I can hardly wait to see what the scales will say on Tuesday morning!


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