Keeping busy…

One of my Zentangle pieces

It’s the summer holidays, and I have two small kids keeping me on my toes, as well as Hubby being on leave for a couple of weeks at the moment, so I’ve been out and about instead of regularly posting here (I’m sure you can understand) – it’s been busy, busy, busy!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I find it much easier to keep on track if I’m busy – it’s when I hit a lull that boredom creeps in and I find myself searching the cupboards and drawers for something to eat, and it’s invariably something sweet and naughty that I really want. Of course, this is a sure-fire way to scupper my efforts and it’s too easy to start with one things, then have another, and another, and another, till you hit a spiral, and that’s no good!

Through the day it’s not so bad – I can be on-track all day with ease, as I’m constantly running around after the kids, doing chores, and just the general day-to-day stuff that takes up my time. But then it’s the evening, and the kids are in bed, and Hubby says, “Let’s watch a film or something,” and it’s then that I hit that lull, and though I’m not even hungry, those pangs hit and I just want something.

So, what’s the solution?

I try to keep my hands busy!

The way I figure it is this: If my hands are busy doing something else, they can’t be stuffing food into my face.

Some colouring-in I started yesterday

I do several things to keep my fingers away from food – I crochet (at the moment I’m working on a baby blanket for an impending new arrival in the family), I do Zentangle, I write letters to several international pen-pals, and I also go right back to my childhood and colour in. It’s all a great distraction from the temptation to go off the rails – before I know it, it’s time for bed, and I’ve managed to avoid all the naughty nibbles I could so easily have mindlessly munched.

There are currently loads of colouring books on the market aimed at adults – it’s something of a craze at the moment, but I’ve been dong it for ages. I picked up a couple of books that feature some complex, mosaic and Zentangle-style designs, for a quid each at a local shop, and some colouring pens and pencils for a few quid more, and just got down to it. The other day, I found a group on Facebook that’s been started for people on the Slimming World plan who are colouring themselves slim by keeping their hands busy this way – it’s a lot of fun!

What do YOU do to keep your hands busy? I’d love to know, so leave a comment below.

I even decorate the envelopes of the letters I send to my pen pals!

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