Progress Pictures

Like many women, I’ve avoided having my photo taken a lot since my weight started creeping up. As my waist disappeared, so did my self confidence, and I would shy away and hide every time someone pulled out a camera or their phone, just in case I should inadvertently be snapped. If I did get caught on camera, I would cry inside when I saw the resultant photographs. I hated it. I hated my body. I hated myself.

At the start of the year, I decided it was time to stop hiding and making excuses – it was time to actually do something about it!

I started watching what I ate and being a little bit more active. Then I got myself a gym membership and made an appointment with a gym instructor to set up a comprehensive cardio and weights routine.

The weight started coming off, but then it stalled a little and I found myself juggling the same couple of pounds on and off over an over again.

So after Easter, I joined my local Slimming World group, and the weight started coming off again.

I’ve been getting compliments on my weight loss for a while now, but I’ve only very recently begun to see it for myself – until now, when I looked in the mirror, I still saw me at my heaviest and fattest.

So I decided it was time to take a good hard look at myself again.

I took a couple of pictures of myself in a changing room in February, right before I joined the gym. I hate those pictures. I look dreadful in them, and you can see on my face just how unhappy I was.

Today, almost six months to the day after those pictures, I took another couple of photographs in the same changing room, and I can finally see a difference.

I’m not perfect. I still have a protruding belly, but this week I reached the half-way mark. I have shed 45.5lbs since New Year. I have the same to go again before I hit target, but I’m getting there and I can finally see it myself when I look in the mirror.

So here are my work-in-progress pictures. It’s a big deal for me to be sharing these, as I’m still very self conscious. However, I’m aware that I actually smiled at myself in the mirror in one of them, so things are definitely improving!

On a side note, the dress I’m wearing in the pictures on the left was very recently retired as it’s now hanging off me. And on the right hand side of the photo on the right, you can see a dress hanging up. I tried on that dress today – it was another size smaller than the blue one I’m wearing in the photo, and it fit! Not only that, it was in the sale, and not only that, but I had credit on my store card, so it only cost me a quid. How’s that for a bonus?

Today is a good day!

Half way there


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