Week 18 Weigh In

keep-calm-its-weigh-in-dayWonder of wonders, miracle of miracles! Something truly unexpected happened at weigh in this morning. Let me explain…

This week I have been decidedly under the weather. For the past four or five days, I’ve had a horrid mucus cough (really, it’s disgusting) and sore throat. As a result, I’ve been guzzling down cough medicine and throwing lozenges down my neck like they’re going out of fashion.

IĀ  asked online (hoping it was a daft question) if we had to syn those, and apparently a teaspoon of cough syrup comes in at around 1.5 syns, and sugar-free lozenges are around half a syn each.

My 2 x 5mls, four times a day, and half a dozen lozenges were coming in at 15 syns – my entire daily allowance.

So, I decided that I would rather take the medicine and still be able to have a few treats, as there was no point in making myself miserable as well as feeling grotty. I would still stay on the plan, as I would when not ill but I would not syn the medicine and lozenges. If I gained, then so be it. I took all the pressure off myself and ate as I normally would, using anywhere between eight and twelve of my syns each day on my food.

As a result, I expected a small gain, perhaps a pound or so, but I wasn’t worried. There would be the next week to ease myself back into the gym and do without medicine when I’m better.

11838519_10155852257945386_3884368500987526663_oImagine my surprise when I stepped on the scales and discovered I’d somehow shed 4lbs! Not only that, I got my 2 stone award. Not only that, it now means I’ve officially lost 20% of my body weight since the start of the year – a whopping 49lbs!

As of today, I am exactly the weight I was when I got pregnant with my first son (New Year 2008). Everything from now on is improvement. I am now past the half-way mark and have just 3 stones left to target. Yes, that might sound like a lot, but from my point of view, it’s less than I’ve already shed, and that makes it something I know I can achieve.

I have resolved that from now on, I will be on plan, but I will not put any pressure on myself. If I gain some weeks, then it’ll come off the next week. If I lose weight, then all to the good – even a half pound off it a step in the right direction. If I lose more than that, I’ll be even happier, but it’ll be a bonus.

All in all, despite still feeling like my head is full of cotton wool stuffed with pins and needles, sandpaper down my throat, and all kinds of disgusting gunk being hacked out of my lungs, I am on cloud 9 today!

4 thoughts on “Week 18 Weigh In

  1. well done !! its so hard to lose when you’re feeling rough. Fantastic result yahoo!!ps thanks for the blog I thinks its brilliant xx


    • Thank you, Tina. I certainly wasn’t expecting the scales to go down this week. I thought I’d maintain at best. Of course, I’ll be on-plan all week this week too, to make sure none of it catches up with me, but I’ve decided that as long as I’m on plan, if I gain some weeks, so be it. I’ll stick with it and get there in the end anyway. šŸ™‚


    • Thank you. And you CAN do it. I absolutely promise you, if I can do it, anyone can. Start today! If you think Slimming World might be the way to go for you, go online TODAY and find out where your local group meets and the days and times, then just go along to the next one. Honestly, it’s the best thing I’ve even done, weightloss-wise, and I cannot recommend it highly enough! šŸ™‚


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