Why I love Slimming World


I Love SWI’m on many different online groups based around diet and healthy eating (as well as a few exercise ones), and I often see arguments break out about which eating plan is the best. Personally, I don’t understand arguing about it – chose whichever plan works best for you, there’s no point is yelling at someone else because they prefer a different diet, after all, everyone is different, and as long as the plan they’re on is healthy* I’m not going to tell them they’re wrong. Because they’re not wrong. They’re using a plan that works for them.

That said, I have tried several different diets and plans over the years in an attempt to control my weight. Some of them have given me great results, but, as you probably guessed, those results weren’t permanent. If they were, I wouldn’t be here on this blog, sharing my weight loss journey with you all now.

Why is that?

I’ll tell you why – none of them involved a healthy eating plan I could use for the rest of my life without feeling deprived. None of them were easy to follow. Not a single one got me to the end of the day without leaving me feeling hungry and unable to eat something because I had used up all my points or calories for the day.

This is why I LOVE Slimming World. **

On the Slimming World plan, I get to eat all those foods that I got told to avoid or limit on every other plan – pasta, potatoes, rice, eggs, and meat – and I can eat as much of them as I like. I don’t have to weigh them at all – I can just put however much I want on my plate.***

If it weren’t enough that I can load my plate with loads of free food, I also have between five and fifteen “syns” to play with every day, and I can use them for anything from a dollop of cream on my strawberries, to a hot chocolate, or some crisps, or whatever I fancy on any given day.

On top of that, things like bread, cheese and milk aren’t off the menu either. Yes, they’re limited to certain amounts, but I don’t even have to use up my syns on them, because they’re counted at Healthy Extra choices. It’s magical when you get to the end of the day and you’re a bit peckish, and realise you haven’t had your Healthy Extras for the day, because you can have something indulgent like cheese on toast or a ham and cheese sandwich – you’ll never understand the joy you feel in that moment until it happens to you!

I use all 15 of my syns almost every day (I have some chocolate almost every day in there too!), and I eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper, AND one or two snacks in between. Honestly, I should have been a Hobbit – breakfast, elevenses, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, supper, and a midnight snack!

I’m 49.5lbs down since the start of the year. Slimming World is the easiest, most common sense “diet!” I’ve ever tried. I love that nothing is off limits and I can eat the same as my family without having to think, “Hey, I have to weigh that pasta/rice/potato/meat before I pop it on my plate”.

I probably eat more now than I have ever done in my entire life, I just know now WHAT to eat – and it doesn’t have to be all salads either! I make wonderful tasty, hearty meals (sometimes I have a cooked breakfast, lunch AND dinner, and still have something like porridge for supper – how many eating plans can you do that with?).

Most of all, I love the support and ideas that come out of staying to the group session after weighing in. Whether you’ve lost, maintained, or gained, there’s always someone with an idea, tip, trick, or recipe, and there’s always someone or something to help and inspire you. And if you get a really good consultant, you’ve got it made. I’m very lucky, as our consultant, Jill, is so down to earth and always ready to help or celebrate with us. She’s fantastic and she (along with the rest of the group) is a large part of the reason I love Slimming World so much!

I know I’ll be eating the Slimming World way for life because it’s a sustainable way of eating. Learning about food optimising has well and truly opened my eyes! And best of all, I’m never left feeling hungry, because I’ve “run out of points” or calories or whatever. There’s always something free I can have, even if I’m out of all my syns at the end of the day if I get peckish. It’s the only plan I have ever tried that I feel 100% happy recommending –  if anyone asks my opinion on the subject I tell them loud and proud, and sing it from the rooftops!

Now, I’m off to have a mug of hot chocolate with a squirt of cream and some marshmallows on top. Diet? What diet?!


* i.e. not expounding the “virtues” of slimming pills or diet shakes – don’t even get me started on them! Meal replacement shakes are unsustainable and as soon as you start eating proper meals, the weight creeps back on, often faster than it came off! As for pills, anyone who takes non-prescription diet pills, especially unregulated ones bought off the internet, is an idiot – they are dangerous. Yes, they can actually kill you, so please, please, please stay away from them! There is no magic pill that will make the weight disappear overnight – the weight crept on over time, and it needs to come off over time too. A quick-fix might get you results, but they won’t be permanent and you may cause untold damage to your health, even if you’re lucky enough survive it!
** Please note, I am not a Slimming World consultant, nor have I been asked, paid, or bribed in any way to write this blog post. I am simply someone who goes along to the weekly weigh-in, stays to group, and loves how it all works! Honestly, it makes me excited when people ask me about it!
*** So long as I make sure a minimum of one third of my plate is “speed food”, and the rest is made up of free food, proteins, and food that is within my daily syns allowance, I am dancing. It’s so easy I can hardly believe it!

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