Recipe Review: Beef Kofte Curry

I tend to cook most meals from scratch. It’s a running joke that my cupboards are full of ingredients, with no “real food” in them at all – and it’s true – you’ll find tins of tomatoes and chickpeas and kidney beans, herbs and spices, fruit and vegetables, condiments and seasonings galore, but not much of anything you could just reach in and grab to eat straight from the packet. And I like it that way – it helps keep me on track if I have to actually make something to eat – I stop to ask myself if I can really be bothered, and it’s 50/50 as to what the answer will be!

On the whole, I tend to use recipes I’ve developed and adapted to my own tastes and those of my family, rather than making something straight out of a cookery book, or I’ll attempt to make my own version of something someone else has mentioned, but sometimes it’s nice to have a recipe to follow, so every now and then, I’ll post how a recipe I’ve tried worked out. On those occasions, I won’t post the actual recipe, as to do so would be to breach copyright, but I will point you in the direction of where it can be found, and mention any changes I made. and why I made them.

My new favourite curry!

This week I thought I’d try one of Slimming World’s official recipes from their website, and as I adore a good curry, the one I chose was the BEEF KOFTA CURRY, which serves four people and is syn-free.

I dutifully went out and bought a few ingredients I didn’t already have to hand, and followed the recipe, which was easy enough. I didn’t have a mortar and pestle, so I ground the newly-purchased fennel seeds in a ramekin with the end of my rolling in (I’m nothing is not resourceful). I then realised, I didn’t have any curry powder in the house after all, so I used red Thai curry paste (1 syn per tbsp) – instead of the 2tbsps mentioned, I upped it to 4tbsp, as I like my curry spicy. This took the syns total to 1 syn per portion. I also added onions and mushrooms, which I lightly fried in a little Fry Light Coconut Oil before adding to the sauce with the beef, just to put some extra speed food in there, as I couldn’t be bothered with a side salad on this occasion.

At first, I thought the sauce was a little runny, but by the time my Thai jasmin rice was ready, it had thickened a little, and it soaked into the rice very nicely, so my dish wasn’t swamped with liquid as I was expecting. Instead, the sauce was rich, and oozing rather pleasantly. I did not bother with the suggested natural yoghurt on top, as I’m not keen on it.

Final verdict: Absolutely delicious! I had three portions left over (I’m the only one in our house who likes beef curry, so this one was just for me!), so I kept one portion in the fridge for the next night (which I served with Slimming World chips), and froze the other two portions.

This is a recipe I will definitely make again in the future. Probably very regularly. It’s every bit as nice as a curry I’d get from a good take-away restaurant, but without all the syns you’d usually have from that. Actually, it’s quite possibly nicer than many a take-away curry – it certainly hits the spot!

One thought on “Recipe Review: Beef Kofte Curry

  1. Good to know as it’s on my menu this weekend – the recipe is also in this months SW magazine as part of a ‘Curry night’ menu. Thanks Kell x


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