Is there time?

I’m a member of several Slimming World Facebook groups, and one of the things I see posted most often is along the lines of this:

I went off-plan all weekend, do I have time to pull it back and still have a loss on weigh-in day?

I tend not to comment on these posts, because I do honestly try to be nice, but I get tired of seeing it, and what I really want to reply is this:

Does it really matter? And do we all really need to hear about how you ate and drank yourself silly at the weekend?

I totally get that we all want the scales to show a loss every week, but it’s not a race. If you go off-plan (and everyone does at some point, whether it’s once in a blue moon or every weekend), just get back on plan at your next meal. Don’t wait till tomorrow, do it right away.

You might get lucky and have a loss at your next weigh-in. If you do, well good for you – you were lucky this time! Be aware, though, that it may catch up with you next week if you’re not careful, so don’t moan if you have a gain next week.

You might maintain, and again, good for you! You went off-plan, had a blow-out, and you were lucky enough not to pack on the pounds, but don’t moan about how you didn’t lose weight this week – you know why you didn’t.

You might see the needle on the scales creep up. If it does, don’t complain and moan about it! You had a blow-out and you had a fair idea it was coming, so suck it up! Take it on the chin and resolve to do better this week, and maybe don’t let the weekend become the weak end this time!

That’s my long, not so kind answer. My shorter, kinder answer is this:

There’s always time. It might not be in time for this week, but there’s time to make next week count if you start now!

And to quote Forrest Gump, “That’s all I have to say about that!”


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