The Biggest Loser September 2015 Challenge

Biggest Loser September Challenge Header

I can’t believe this is my 100th post! And what better way to celebrate than with a challenge?

Over at the Slimming World: The Common Sense Approach Facebook group, I’ll be hosting a “Biggest Loser” Challenge throughout the month of September.

At the start of the month, everyone taking part states how much weight they would like to use over the course of the challenge.

Each week, everyone posts a picture of their weight loss book page, or scales print out showing their weight loss or gain for that week (it’s OK, you can cover your total weight if you like – we just need to see the date and the amount gained or lost), and it will be noted on the chart for that week.

(The week starts on Monday, so your weigh in for each week starts from that day, whether you weigh in on that day or later in the week – even if your weigh in day is Sunday!)

The weeks for the September challenge will be:
w/c Monday 31st August
w/c Monday 7th September
w/c Monday 14th September
w/c Monday 21st September
w/c Monday 28th September

All targets for the challenge to be given to me before the start date.

All participants are LOSERS.
All those who lose more than their target are BIG LOSERS.
The one who loses the most weight is THE BIGGEST LOSER.

It’s all just for fun and there’s no pressure involved. It’s just a little motivational challenge. With any luck, we’ll all be Big Losers by the end of the month!

If you’d like to join the challenge, just nip along and join the group HERE, and join the event.


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