Visual Representation

You know how it is. You’re losing weight, you’re doing well, but then you get a little bit complacent and it stops coming off as quickly, or even at all. When that happens, it can feel like a kick in the gut, and it can be tough getting your game head back on. It’s all very well seeing those numbers in your weigh-in book, but they’re just numbers and don’t necessarily mean anything to us. Not in a really meaningful way.

So what can we do to really make it something we can sit up and take notice of?

We can make it something we can see in a physical sense – a visual representation of your progress.

For some it might be putting a coin in a savings pot for each pound lost, or a pretty stone in a jar, to see them filling up. For me, I have to have something very ordered, so I borrowed an idea I saw made by someone in a Facebook group and made a bar graph.

My colourful chart, which I hope will be ALL GREEN right across the board!

I decided to show my progress from the beginning of August this year to the end of March next year, so my chart has three weigh-ins already charted to get me started on a positive note.

Every time I shed weight, the bar will be green. Every time I maintain, it will be yellow. Every time I gain, it will be red.

My chart is on the fridge door, next to my Slimming World certificates, so that I see it every time I wander into the kitchen to find something to eat. I’m hopeful that having it right there in front of me in neon-bright colour will put me off reaching for the unhealthy, syn-busting snacks that could send me into binge territory!

There are 32 weigh-ins between now and the end of March, and I have 42lbs till I reach goal, so if I average 1.5lbs off each week, I will hit target the week before the end of the chart.

Obviously, I’d love to hit target long before then, but as my general target is a very sensible 1lb weight loss each week, I’m willing to take that extra time to get there if need be – it will take as long as it takes. If I get there sooner than expected, then it will be a big bonus.

Have a think about what kind of visual representation could help keep you on track, and let me know in the comments below – I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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