Week 19 Weigh In

keep-calm-its-weigh-in-dayDon’t you just love it when your group has a taster session? I certainly do! Everyone brings in a low-syn or syn-free dish for all the group members to try, which means there’s always something new and delicious waiting to be discovered, and bucket-loads of inspiration for foods you might never have otherwise eaten.

I took in raspberry and vanilla jelly sweets and some of my increasingly famous chilli chicken, which went down very well – click on them to see the recipes. It was a little disappointing that only two of us took anything in, as I was hoping to get some great new ideas from the session, but you can’t win every time, eh? I’m already planning what I’ll make for next time! However, I’ll totally be making the fake Ferrero Rocher sweets – they were bloody lush!

Anyway, back to the nitty gritty… After being ill last week and losing 4lbs as a result, and with shark week already a few days overdue, I was expecting to gain at least half of last week’s loss back this week, so I was pleasantly surprised to find I was only 1lb heavier. Hopefully I’ll see a good loss next week when my hormones are back to normal again, as I have my menu all planned out and stuck to the fridge door.

One sad thing did happen this week – I decided it was time to give up my gym membership. I’m pretty gutted, as I love my gym time, but the fact is, I just don’t has as much time as I’d like to spend there, and I have a new allotment that I really need to tackle if it’s going to be ready for planting in the spring. So, at least I’ll still be getting plenty of exercise hacking down the weeds and turning the earth.

On a plus note, I bought myself a second-hand bike the other day, so I will be zipping around all over the place on that too, which will also keep me fighting fit. On top of that, I have some dancersize DVDs that I really should dust off and use, so I can exercise at home, and I plan to get hold of some hand weights to use at home too, so I’ll still be burning off those calories and toning up, even without my gym sessions.

So, on to another week of fabulousness!


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