Slimming World and the Joys of Parenting

I’m a busy Mum of two lovely boys.

Actually, let me rephrase that…

I am the incredibly busy and utterly exhausted Mum of two lovely and extremely boisterous little monkeys.

I adore them both beyond all reason, but they can be infuriating at times. I’m guessing every other parent in the world will be able to identify with that.

Like many kids, mine are picky eaters. My eldest, Tadpole* (who is almost 7 years old), used to eat everything I put in front of him, but outside influences have changed that, and Choochie* (who is 22 months old) likes to copy his Big Brother, so now I have the very Devil of a time getting them to eat healthy food.

I get around it using a cunning combination of hiding vegetables in sauces and whizzing them smooth, and using pure, out-and-out bribery, i.e. “Eat that bit there, and you can have that piece of cake you’re screaming for.” Overall, I manage to get the good stuff into them after a hell of a lot of, ahem, “loud persuasion” even if it does sometimes make mealtimes longer.

19.08.15 a
Tadpole enjoying our carrot, leek and lentil soup that we made together

Tadpole, however, loves to help out in the kitchen. He adores baking (of course, how many kids don’t?), but I’ve started involving him in making healthy meals too. I’ve found if he helps me make something, he’s far more likely to eat it (although, not always!). Here he is enjoying a hearty bowl of the carrot, leek and lentil soup we made together. Look at that smile! He was so proud to have helped make our lunch, and even Choochie wolfed his down!

Anyway, the other day I decided to try one of the new limited edition After Dinner Mint Mullerlight yoghurts. I love minty things, and After Eight mints have always been something of a weakness of mine, so I figured this might be a nice way of sating my A8 cravings in a syn-free way.

I dipped into that white, chocolate-sprinkled yoghurt and tentatively tried a small spoonful. It was yummy, but I thought to myself, “You know what would be a good idea? Adding some Choc Shot!”

19.08.15 b
Thief! Choochie snaffling my After Dinner Mint and Choc Shot Mullerlight!

So I added a tablespoon of Choc Shot (it’s only 2 syns and I hadn’t yet used any that day), and stirred it through.

Oh. My. Gods!

It was all kinds of awesome! This, this! was the After Eight substitute I was longing for! It was well worth the two syns.

You know what would have been a great idea though?

Waiting till the kids were in bed.

It got snaffled and I got hardly a whiff of it.

I’ll have to buy some more and hide both them and the Choc Shot from my Minions, and then enjoy my treat, well, after eight!

* Obviously my kids aren’t really called Tadpole and Choochie – those are their nicknames.

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