Eat To Live, or Live To Eat?

When you’re trying hard to lose weight, you look for people who are in the same boat as you for support on your weight loss journey. One of the best places to do that is on social media, where there are countless groups, some small, others with membership in the thousands, to help keep you on-track.

These groups are there to promote a healthy diet and support each other.

6a010536f4fe61970b01127904661328a4-500wiBut what I keep seeing is pictures like this one on the right. >>>
Most often accompanied by the question, “How many syns in this? Because I’m eating it right now! I deserve a treat!”

Am I the only one who thinks this defeats the purpose of those groups? We’re supposed to be supporting each other is making healthy choices, not flaunting gut-busting, cardiac-on-a-plate “treat” meals that can derail some people’s efforts and have them reaching for the telephone to order something similar to be delivered to their door.

That wouldn’t be a treat to me – it would be a punishment. I like chips and onion rings as much as the next person, but I hate doner kebab meat and I’ve yet to find a burger than beats my own syn-free homemade ones. To me, a meal like this wouldn’t be worth it and I wouldn’t enjoy it – each to their own, but looking at that pic makes me feel rather queasy (seriously, my stomach is churning at the thought of it – and not in a good way!). And be honest – doesn’t the picture above look like it’s swimming in grease? I’ve never found that to be an attractive attribute of any meal.

If I ate even a small part of the meal shown in the picture, I would feel bloated, and sluggish, and just plain horrible, as well as feeling guilty and stupid for derailing my progress.

I’m trying to stop “rewarding” myself with unhealthy food – it’s not a treat, it’s a setback, and I have to consider which I want more – to eat the unhealthy stuff, or to lose the weight. The latter usually wins.

Isn’t it about time we all stopped to think about what constitutes a “treat” meal? To me, something delicious and nutritious, usually involving pasta or a curry , is always a good start, and if someone else has cooked it, all the better (I do all the cooking in our home, which I do enjoy, but sometimes it’s nice to have something cooked for me instead of by me!).

Don’t get me wrong – I do still occasionally have something not so Slimming World friendly, but I do try not to go overboard, even then – it’s more about re-evaluating my relationship with food so I eat to live, rather than living to eat.

And on that note, I’ll leave you all with the fabulously hilarious Cian Twomey…



3 thoughts on “Eat To Live, or Live To Eat?

  1. I hate the comments on some of the FB pages about everybody deserves a treat each week so going out and having 10 glasses of wine followed by a curry has people agreeing and liking and ends up being treated as the norm. Then the question asked is what can I eat from next few days before weigh in. Finally all the fighting over sinning cooked fruit drives me nuts. Moan over !!


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