From the back of the fridge…

There’s something you see on American sit-coms all the time. You see the gorgeous female star wearing a slouchy top and baggy jogging bottoms, and she’s carrying a basket filled with dirty clothes – it’s laundry day, and she literally has nothing to wear except washed out, ancient clothes that hang off her, and a greying set of granny-knickers and hammock bra.

With two boisterous little boys constantly on the go, I do a load of laundry almost every day, so I’ve never experienced “Laundry Day” as seen on the TV. I do, however, occasionally suffer from the food equivalent – Grocery Day!

It’s the end of the week, you are already scheduled to go grocery shopping that day, but you still have to scrape something together for breakfast.

I usually do a little “top-up” shop half-way through the week where I’ll pick up a few extra pieces of fresh fruit and veg to keep me going till Grocery Day, but sometimes I still manage to run out of everything and am stuck for breakfast. The kids are OK – there’s usually at least some cereal left over in the cupboard, but I don’t like Weetos and Honey Puffs and Cinnamons – although the kids love them, they’re just too sweet for me (incidentally, the kids don’t get them every day either!).

So, what’s a girl to do when she’s suffering a Grocery Day Breakfast Scenario? Well, I just pull everything out of the fridge and see what I’ve got. This time I actually had a yoghurt and some frozen berries, but I had forgotten to set up my usual breakfast of Overnight Oats the night before and I was too hungry to wait long enough for that sh*t to soak through…

What I found was four eggs in the carton, three mushrooms that had rolled to the back of the fridge, and a couple of Babybels the kids hadn’t yet snaffled. So I made an omelet.

My omelets never look pretty, but they always taste like the biz!

I sliced up the mushrooms and fried them in a little Fry Light while I separated the eggs and whipped up the whites till they were good and fluffy. Then I beat the yolks and seasoned them with a little salt and black pepper before gently stirring them through the whites and pouring it over the mushrooms. Meanwhile I finely sliced up the Babybels and when the underside of the omelet was almost cooked, I threw the cheese on top and gently folded it over, pressing down gently. Once it was completely cooked on that side, I turned it over to finish off.

My omelet might look like Hell, but it tasted heavenly!

As you can see from the photo, it kind of broke during the folding over stage – I’ve never quite mastered the art of  beautifully presented omelet – but Gods damn! It tasted gorgeous! The Babybel melts like mozzarella, going all gooey and stringy, which is just bliss.

So, now I’m all set up for the day, speed food made up at least a third of my breakfast, I got protein for a good boost, and I used my Healthy Extra A choice for the day.

Fortunately I still have enough home-made soup in my fridge to feed us all at lunchtime.

Then we’re going grocery shopping!

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