Recipe Review: Fruity Tea Loaf

There’s something I’ve been missing since I started doing the Slimming World plan, and that’s cake. It’s not that I can’t have cake on the plan – I can, I just have to syn it – it’s just that more often than not, I don’t think the cake is worth the syns. I’ve tried several very low syn recipes that just haven’t turned out well at all (a disastrous attempt at the chickpea Bakewell cakes and the half-syn brownies both ended up with the entire batch going in the bin, because they were so disgusting!).

11951528_10155899969100386_5814939977783500461_oSo, it was with some trepidation that I decided to try one of the cake recipes from the Slimming World site… the FRUITY TEA LOAF. I’ll not post the recipe here on the blog, as it is an official Slimming World one (and that would breach copyright), but if you can find it on the Slimming World website in their recipes section.

The recipe calls for only five ingredients, but I did add a sixth – a good glug of lemon essence, just to add to the fruity flavour, as I do love a nice bit of lemon coming through, and I thought it would go well with the orange and lemon peel that was in the mixed dried fruit I used.

It certainly smelled lovely when it was baking, and it looked lovely when I removed it from the oven to cool…

The recipe says to cut it into 15 slices at 4.5 syns each, but I am one of those people who likes even numbers, so I cut it into 16 pieces instead, so they’d be just shy of that, but I’d still count it as the same amount of syns to stay on the safe side.

I confess, this was rather lovely, with a good, cakey texture and a lovely, fruity hit. I was right about the lemon essence – I could definitely smell and taste it, and it was yummy.

This tea loaf is definitely worth the syns (which are pretty low anyway), and I’ll definitely be making it again in the future.


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