Week 21 Weigh In

keep-calm-its-weigh-in-dayHurrah! Hurrah! HURRAH! After two weeks of gaining a little, I finally made a loss. It’s only half a pound, but it’s half a pound in the right direction, so I’m happy!

To be honest, this past week, I had only been about half on-plan. I’d had a couple of pretty good days, but I also had a couple of really bad days, and the rest were just OK-ish. Also, I had decided not to log everything I ate for a while, to see how I did. The answer is clear – I do better when I log things, so this week I’ll be back to keeping track of everything, and to be honest, it’s no hassle to do that, as I just pop it all in my on-line plan and I can put in everything I plan to have for the day while I’m having breakfast, to make sure everything is as it should be.

I did a lot of blackberry picking, which was some great body magic, as I walked there and back, as well as spending several hours stretching and wandering back and forth, trying to find the best berries. We did, however, have blackberry crumble for pudding a couple of times (and not Slimming World friendly versions, either!), which was probably the main contributor to my not having a bigger loss this week. I also made two dozen jars of blackberry jam, most of which will be given as gifts, so I won’t have too much of that delicious jamminess sitting around the house and tempting me. The kids both love my blackberry jam, so it’s well worth making it! I’ll also be making blackberry liqueur, but as I’m not a big drinker, I’ll just keep one small bottle of that for myself, and the rest will be gifts.

One great thing, though, is that I now have several very large bags of blackberries in my freezer, which is fantastic, as blackberries are a speed food, so I’ll be very happy to use them up in my overnight oats. I do fancy having a go at making blackberry syllabub, so I might see if I can find a lighter version to make…

I’ve not had much of a chance to use my bike this past week, but hubby had the day off work today, so he did the school run and stayed home with Choochie, so I hopped on my bike and cycled to my weigh in today. It’s funny, I used to have a bike which I used to cycle to and from work, and I hated it. As soon as I moved closer to my work, I stopped cycling, and I sold my bike (which had been languishing in storage for several years) before we moved again. Now, however, I try to find excuses to go cycling, and I love it! I already had my helmet, but I got a nice gel-cushioned seat and some cycling gloves when I bought my new bike. I have since bought a puncture repair kit and pump, a set of lights, reflective arm bands, and loads of reflective stickers. I’ll be getting a high-viz vest at the end of the month too.

Anyway, I have resolved to be 100% on-plan this week (or 95% at the very least – nobody is perfect, right?), and have a really good loss at my next weigh in!


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