Week 22 Weigh In

keep-calm-its-weigh-in-dayI’m getting properly back on track now and although I wasn’t 100% on plan (more like 85%, I’d say), I weighed in 1lb lighter than I was last week, which has spurred me on and I’m determined to do really well this week!

Despite the dismal weather, I found an excuse to get on my bike to pick up a few things from the shops, and I have promised my eldest son that if he can start and stop on his bike without help, and the weather gets a little better, I’ll take him for a bike ride on Sunday this weekend. I would take him on Saturday, but it’s his birthday party that day (which means loads of tempting party food will be made, so I’ll have to include a few healthy options too!).

I am finding that I miss my gym membership, but I had to admit I wasn’t getting to the gym anywhere near as often as I wanted and certainly not as often as to make it worth my while paying a monthly fee, so it had to go, as it was like taking £40 out of my bank account every month and just setting fire to it. It was £40 a month that could be put to better use, and buying a second hand bike with it has been the best move ever. I used to hate cycling, and never used my bike when I had one before (which I had bought new, 12 years ago, for over £250!), but now I absolutely love it! Who would have expected that?

We also had a busy weekend, as I was singing at a local event. Although I got loads of compliments and very positive comments, I have hated every single photo I’ve seen of myself from that weekend. Other people have told me I look fine, but I just see a bloated balloon and it’s hit me how much further I still have to go before I’ll be happy with my appearance. I can acknowledge that it’s an improvement on this time last year, or even on how I looked when I sang there back in May, but it’s still awful to feel so unhappy with my body.

However, I won’t let it get me down – I will use it to fuel my continuing weight loss, and reaffirm my dedication to the Slimming World programme. There are fourteen weigh-ins between now and Xmas, so I could be a stone lighter by then. I fully intend to hit that target, and then get to target (another two stones on top of that) by the summer. I can do it. I know I can! I WILL!

Ruby 12
The only photo of myself from this past weekend that I DO like – because it doesn’t show my body at all! I can, however, see the different in my face – I have my chin back at last!

2 thoughts on “Week 22 Weigh In

  1. Hi
    You were on about getting on your bike and how you enjoyed it, well I’ve always loved it I’m not fast, due to weight, but it’s fun so I decided last year to sign up for a challenge it’s called ride the night and it’s 63 miles around London during the night. Well I thought I was crazy and that I would never do the training let alone the actual event but I did and me and my friend raised £1000 for women’s cancer charities. Not doing it next yr but I am in 2017 maybe you could sign up for it trust me even if you only do it once it’s an experience that’s amazing


    • WTG! I’m definitely contemplating signing up for something at some point. Next year I’ll be doing Brave the Shave in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, so I’m loathe to ask people to sponsor me for more than one thing, but perhaps the year after I’ll do something bike-related… 😉


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