Week 23 Weigh In


Yup, it’s shark week, and that means my hormones are majorly on the fritz. Combine my voracious appetite with an array of delicious party food (my eldest son’s birthday party was this weekend), and we have a disastrous collision of epic proportions.

Basically, I’ve felt like devouring everything in sight. Including the furniture, but I managed to stop short of that. I’ve been absolutely ravenous for days and feel like I just can’t stop eating. It’s horrible. My water retention and bloating is so bad that trousers that are usually baggy on me are feeling a bit neat, and I have cramps that would fell the hardiest of people.

I routinely gain anything between 3lbs and 7lbs at my time of the month. Last month I was surprised (and very lucky!) to only gain 1lb. This time it was a gain of 3.5lbs, which, all things considered, isn’t bad.

At least I know that it’s almost entirely down to surfing the crimson wave, and that next week my hormones will have settled down and my weight will go down again along with it, so I’m not upset or derailed by this week’s gain. I just need to climb back on and get going again. After all, it’s a new week, and a fresh start!

I kinda wish I could just be done with monthly shark weeks. It would save a hell of a lot of hassle!

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