Recipe Review: Caribbean Pepperpot Stew

It’s time to try out another official Slimming World recipe from their website. This time I’m trying the CARIBBEAN PEPPERPOT STEW (click on it to go to the recipe – I won’t post it here as it would break copyright).

I did make a couple of little changes, as follows:

  • I wanted to make more than just the two portions in the recipe, so I doubled everything – instructions are given at the bottom of the recipe.
  • I left out the green beans, as I’m just not keen on them.
  • I put in mushrooms in place of the green beans, because I adore them.
  • I added two roughly diced small onions (one red and one white), because I love them, and every stew is made better by the addition of onions!
  • I added half a red chilli pepper, because it was sitting in the fridge and needed to be used.
  • I cooked it in the slow cooker, rather than a casserole dish, cooking it on high for a good 5 hours, till the meat was beautifully tender.

11952773_10155995850835386_4218456516727130865_oAs I’d added plenty extra speed food (to go with the passata and garlic already in the recipe – sweet potato, is free, but not speed), I served it as it was with some rice (old style Batchellor’s beef rice this time, which is syn free).

As is usually the case with Slimming World recipes, this was very easy to adapt to my personal preferences, and even before it was cooking, it smelled rather lovely. I could hardly wait to dig in at dinner time!

Final verdict: This is an incredibly easy recipe to make, and if you use a slow cooker, you can just chuck everything into the pot in the morning and leave it to cook without having to think about it, which is great news for those who are short of time when it comes to cooking a good meal! It was a really tasty dish, with just the right amount of heat and bite to it, and tender, juicy chunks of meat that melted in the mouth.

I portioned out the remaining stew into foil containers, and have popped them all in the freezer, so I can enjoy it again several times over the next few weeks. I will certainly be looking forward to those nights! Even better yet, it’s entirely SYN-FREE, so I can enjoy it without having to think about how many syns I have left before dinner!


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