Always have a back-up plan…

Things were going so well this week, it was inevitable that something would go wrong! Still, I was determined not to get derailed!

I had our menu planned – jerk chicken with Slimming World chips, and steamed carrots, broccoli and mini corn on the cobs. The oven was just about heated up, when the power went off.

Hubby got in touch with the power company who arranged to come around as soon as possible, but it was almost dinner time and the kids were hungry, so I sent Hubby to the fish and chip shop with orders to get dinner for him and the kids… but that I would wait for the power to come back on and have my planned dinner later on.

The power guy came round just as Hubby got back with their dinner, and the power was back on. Terrific! I popped the oven on to heat up for my chicken and chips…

cooker… But it didn’t heat up. Instead there was an electrical burning smell.

I switched off the oven.

It was clear I wasn’t having my chicken and chips tonight!

There was some food left over that the boys hadn’t eaten… Would I succumb?

No! I did not!

Instead, I have raided my freezer for one of my home-made ready-meals, and I’m currently defrosting some Caribbean pepperpot stew in the microwave, and as soon as it’s ready, I’ll get the couscous on – a syn-free dinner that is filling and tasty.

So, yes, disaster struck, and we now have to hope we can get someone to either fix the cooker or replace it tomorrow, or I’ll have to come up with something for dinner out of thin air! but still, I’m not going off plan – no, siree!


4 thoughts on “Always have a back-up plan…

  1. Well done you. I almost caved in and got chips last night as i got home starving at 10pm after going out straight from work. I microwaved a spud squashed a cheese triangle on top and opened a can of sardines. Not quite fish and chips but saved myself a fiver and a few hundred calories. There is a little voice in my ear since joining sw and if I listen to it, I can lose weight. Reading blogs like yours helps too. Well done. Keep at it!! Kay x

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