Non-Scales Victory: Skirt!

NSV skirtThis morning I was at a loss as to what to wear. My wardrobe has been steadily dwindling with my weight loss, as I’m loathe to spend a fortune on clothes I’ll only be wearing for a month or so, and as things have become too baggy on me, I have “retired” them, but only replaced a small handful of items so far. Instead of spending, I have been raking around the back of the closet for clothes I haven’t been able to wear for years.

So, this morning, when I was kind of stuck, I thought I’d have a rummage, just on the off-chance I’d find something.

I recently celebrated slipping into some size 16 clothes, but the skirt I found was a size 14. “There’s no way I’ll fit into that yet,” I thought to myself, “But let’s see how far I have to go till I can…”

Now, I’ll start by stating, unlike all my other skirts, this one does not have an elasticated waist. This one fastens with a hook and zip.

I stepped in and pulled it up over my hips… “So far, so good,” I thought, “But there’s no way that zip will go up.”

I took hold of the zip… and lo and behold, it went up with ease – right to the top! And the little hook fastening slipped in nice and easily too!

I was now so excited that I called for my eldest son (who just turned 7 years old) to witness this miracle. He was just as excited for me, and both clapped and cheered for me!

Now that I had a “new” skirt, I needed to sort out what to do with my legs. Dare I try those pretty medium/large fashion tights I bought months ago and then couldn’t wear?

I dared! And they fit! Not only did they fit, but they kind of come up to my rib cage, which is hilarious! Now, instead of worrying about tights not fitting, I’m wondering if they’ll fall down because they’re a bit big!

So, even though the scales have been dodging back and forth over the same few pounds since I quit my gym membership, my body shape has changed again, possibly due to the cycling and extra walking, I don’t know, but either way, I’ve gone from being a size 24 at the start of the year, to a size 14 (at least in one item of clothing!).

Today is a good day!


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