Making do…

So, the other day, my oven broke down, leaving me without a way to cook most of the meals I usually cook for our family. The stove top is still working, but the oven and grill are both dead, which is a huge nuisance. Not only that, but the earliest the engineer can come to look at it is Wednesday. At which point he’ll declare it dead and announce we need a replacement, which will then have to be ordered and delivered and fitted, yadah yadah yadah, leaving us till next weekend before we have a new cooker.

How is a girl to cook healthy, nutritious meals and stay on track with her diet under such circumstances?

There’s at least a dozen large portions of broth in here, so it’ll also do for a couple of lunches through the week, and it freezes well, so the freezer will be topped up with individual portions too!

Well, today I got out my trusty slow cooker (which is actually my favourite kitchen appliance), and I have made a massive load of my favourite Northumbrian broth, which is enough to fill the hungriest of bellies, but is still syn-free, as well as being incredibly tasty!

Tomorrow we’ll have spaghetti bolognese (again, syn-free!) instead of our traditional Sunday roast.

I also have plans for curries and pan-fried dishes throughout the week.

It’s still a bit of a pain in the butt, not having my oven, but at least we won’t starve, and I know I can stay on-plan!


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