Keeping accountable

In an extra effort to stay on-track, I decided to keep close tabs on everything I ate this past week, and log everything like I did in the beginning. In addition, I photographed everything to share daily on a Slimming World FaceBook group, to keep accountable. The idea was that if I knew others were looking, I’d make more of an effort to stay on-plan.

There was a set-back in the form of my oven breaking down, which lead to me having to cope with reduced kitchen facilities, but we muddled through (it did mean I had to change a few meals at the last minute, which was a pain in the butt!).

Here are the results:

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It’s been quite an enjoyable experience documenting my meals this way, and it’s definitely made me more mindful of my choices knowing I’d be sharing them with others like this. It’s definitely something I’d repeat!


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