Week 26 Weigh In

keep-calm-its-weigh-in-dayDoing a photo log of my meals and snacks is definitely working, as despite having a night out at the weekend (where I’m pretty certain my two wine spritzers were made with a large glass of wine instead of a small one, meaning they’d be more syns than I’d budgeted for), I was down half a pound at weigh in this morning.

Half a pound might not seem much, but I’m happy – it’s come off, so I’m heading in the right direction, even if it is slowly!

On top of that, I won the raffle at group this morning, and came home with an adult colouring book and felt-tipped pens, which is awesome, because I LOVE colouring in!

I’m due to start shark week any day now, and I usually gain somewhere between 3lbs and 7lbs at my time of the month, but I’m determined that this month, not only will I not gain that amount, I will lose weight instead – absolutely dead set on it! So, I need to be 100% on-plan this whole week, and in order to help me do that, I will be photo-logging my food choices again.



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