Recipe Review: Lemon Chicken

I love Chinese food, and one of my favourite meals is lemon chicken with egg fried rice, so when I clocked a recipe for lemon chicken over at the excellent Two Chubby Cubs blog, I danced with glee! Best of all, it’s only 1.5 syns per portion, or 3 syns if you’re a greedy pig and eat a double portion (like I did, because I was so excited!).

Obviously, I won’t post the recipe here on my blog, as you can just click on the link above to be taken straight there (not one to deny traffic to such a deserving blog – check out all their recipes – great food and hilarious stories!), but here’s how I did with it:

12087807_10156046618185386_1255975972287267983_oI discovered too late that I was a touch short on lemon juice, so my chicken wasn’t quite as lemony as I would have liked, but that was my own fault and the only fault I could pick – in short, it was absolutely delicious! The only thing I missed was the batter that usually comes on lemon chicken from the Chinese Takeaway, but that could perhaps be done by coating the chicken in egg and baking it (I don’t know – I’ll have to try that to see if it works). The sauce was lovely and thick and glossy, just like the stuff I always loved to order in. If I’d had enough lemon juice, then it would have been even better -I like mine very lemony, so I might be tempted to add more than the recipe states next time I make it – and I will be making it again, that’s certain!

I cooked up some rice and stir-fried some speed veg, then stirred it all together and cracked n egg into it to make egg-fried rice. It wasn’t quite as good as the stuff from the takeaway, but that’s because I didn’t use sesame oil like my local takeout does (which tastes amazing – I really miss it!).

I’ve popped the excess into foil take-out trays to freeze – hopefully it’ll still be good, I can’t see why it wouldn’t.


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