Treats galore

Whenever we go on a diet, we tend to deny ourselves stuff we really love that we think is “bad” for us, and so we doom ourselves to failure from the start, because then we start craving the very thing we won’t allow ourselves. Soon it’s constantly on the brain until finally, we cave, and eat it. Then it sets us in a downward spiral where we think, “Oh, well, I’ve already eaten that thing, I might as well have some other stuff as well!” After that, it’s a slippery slope back to where we started.

That’s what I love about Slimming World – absolutely nothing is off limits! If I want chocolate, then I have some chocolate and have done with it. Yes, sometimes I still overindulge, nosedive straight off the wagon, and regret it, but then I draw a line under it, hop back on the wagon, and get back on track.

I freely admit, I couldn’t possibly do without chocolate. I have some pretty much every day. If I don’t have it, I feel deprived and then I feel miserable, and nobody wants to face a limp lettuce leaf when they’re feeling miserable and want some chocolate – that way, madness lies! Am I right?

The kids have a massive stash of sweeties from Halloween, and Hubby has his treat drawer which is stuffed with bags of chocolate peanuts and chunky KitKats and Peanut Lion Bars, all of which I want to avoid. So, today I hopped on my trusty bike (a nice bit of Body Magic), went out and restocked my treat box. There are all manner of treats in there, ranging from just 2 syns (for the Flumps), to 6 syns (for the Curly Wurly bars – from a multi-pack).

Here’s what I got:


I’ve also popped a quick-reference in there, so that I can see at a glance, without having to check packets or the syns app, how many syns is in each treat. The Disney Frozen chocolate bars (from a pound shop) were a real find – they didn’t have an entry in Syns Online, so I put them through the syns calculator and they’re only 3 syns each, and as I have two boys who aren’t into Frozen, there’s a half decent chance they might leave them alone for me to enjoy!

And in an attempt to do better and have a great loss this week, I have planned my meals several days in advance. Lunch was Caribbean Pepperpot Stew (out the freezer), and I have my slow cooker bubbling away, filled with a massive batch of Northumbrian Broth (which I’ll be eating for lunch for the next week or two!). I also have Corned Beef Hash defrosting for dinner tomorrow night, and Bolognese for the night after. Sorted!


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