Week 31 Weigh In

keep-calm-its-weigh-in-dayHey, I’m on a roll here! Another 1lb down this week – hurrah!

I did do the 777 Challenge this week, which helped a great deal. I know my weak point is usually on a Friday or Saturday night, and as I’ve been having a particularly tough week, with a sick hubby, and two boisterous children to look after, I’ve had next to no sleep and even less time to myself, and I hit rock bottom on Friday night. However, despite devouring a load more than I would usually have, because I’d only used a maximum of 7 syns per day Tuesday to Thursday, and pulled it back again to a maximum of 7 syns for Saturday to Monday, I was still well within my syns allowance for the week.

I can only imagine I would have had an even better loss if I’d managed to stick to the 777 rule all seven days, but I am elated to have had that loss when, if I had used my entire syns every day, I would have been woefully over my syns and possibly looking at a gain instead of a loss!

So, I think I will continue with the 777 philosophy for a few weeks. It will act as a safety net in case of a major slump, but if I manage to stick to it for the entire week, I might even see I bigger loss!

I have a renewed sense of purpose, and I’d love to get my next Slimming World milestone certificate by New Year, which I will achieve if I can shed 9.5lbs over the next seven weigh ins. That’s pretty achievable.

Does anyone else have a mini-target? I’d love to know, so please do comment below!

777 result


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