The grumps and some good timing…

Grumpy05I woke up on the wrong side of bed this morning.

Hubby and Son #2 are both ill at the moment, so I’ve spent the past week suddenly being the single parent of not two, but three unruly children, two of whom are ill and can’t do much for themselves, the other whom is 7 going on 17 in terms of attitude. I’ve been run off my feet and not had much sleep, so it’s understandable that I might have an off-day about now.

I lost a pound this week, though, so I thought, surefire way to cheer me up a bit would be to step on my scales (I know the exact difference between my scales and the ones in group), and remind myself that I’m pretty awesome, by the way.

So I stepped on the scales. The scales said that I had put on 2.5lbs overnight. This was after going to the loo and giving Son #2 his morning nursing session, so I’d be at my absolute lightest. I was livid! I shouted, “Stupid, lying scales!” and unceremoniously dumped them back in their cubby hole, before stomping off to make breakfast with the baddest grace a breakfast has ever witnessed.

I was good though – I had melon with strawberries, raspberries and passion fruit. Stupid, nasty, sly scales – I’ll show them 2.5 bloody pounds!

I felt grumpy and out of sorts all morning, while I threw together the ingredients for a slow cooker bulk batch of my delicious homemade broth. My mood wasn’t improved when I realised I didn’t have any stock cubes – I had forgotten to get them when I went to the shop after the school run. I had also forgotten to get more skimmed milk, so I still hadn’t had a coffee at this point (only a herbal tea, and that’s just not the same when you’re in a grump!).

I had to go back to the shop to get both items. In the rain.

The shop didn’t have them. So I had to nip into town to get them from the supermarket instead.

This wasn’t helping my mood any, I can tell you!

depositphotos_19361503_xs_2295_detailAnyway, we got back from the supermarket and I desperately needed to pee. And that’s when I discovered the reason for my foul mood:

Shark week had arrived four days early!

I was immediately in a much better mood. Firstly, because I now had a satisfactory explanation for my grumpy fettle, but secondly because I had only gained 2.5lbs!

I routinely gain anything between 3lbs and 7lbs when the sharks gather, so to only gain 2.5lbs overnight is a major win! Not only that, it happened the day after weigh in, so I got my 1lb loss before it arrived – how’s that for great timing!

So, now I’m in a fabulous mood! I’m suffering horrid cramps, but I am jubilant, because not only have I had a double-win on the weight side of things, I have that fabulous broth to look forward to for supper tonight.

Talk about turning your day around!


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