Week 34 Weigh In

keep-calm-its-weigh-in-dayAfter last week’s disappointment, I knuckled down, re-read my Slimming World book from cover to cover, and started a proper, on-paper food diary. I measured my Healthy Extras carefully and took note of everything I ate. I didn’t do SP, but I tried to make sure my plate was closer to 50% speed food at every meal, rather than a third. I went out on Saturday night, but I ate a good meal before going, I didn’t drink any alcohol, and I took along a couple of Hi-Fi bars (my Healthy Extra B choice for the day) in my bag in case I got peckish. I deliberately didn’t use my syns through the day, just in case, but I ended up not using any of them while I was out, so I was able to have a treat when I came home, to reward myself for being so good.

I felt like I had done well this week. My jacket was feeling a little looser around the middle, so I felt pretty confident going to class this morning.

Then I stepped on the scales.

If I thought I’d done well, I was wrong – I had done bloody amazing! The scales showed a 4lbs loss and I am through to the next stone bracket! This is the lightest I have been since I got pregnant with my eldest son, who is now 7 years old!

I’m not ashamed to say, I screamed a little bit. And cried a little bit too – I’ m so damned pleased with myself!

This afternoon, I’ll be out at a little “do” so I’m currently tucking into a MASSIVE bowl of tomato and lentil soup (also packed with onions, carrot, red peppers, and a little garlic – must brush my teeth before I go out, so I don’t honk of garlic!) so I’m not hungry, and I have purposely kept my syns so that I can have a little mince pie (regular ones are 12 syns each, mini ones are 5 syns each!) to be sociable, but I will be staying bang-on-plan, because I am on fire! Totally back in the zone and raring to go!

I want at least another 2lbs off by New Year (my original target for the year was 1lb off for each week of the year!), and there are three weigh-ins before New Year, so I’m on target for success. Mustn’t get complacent, though – gotta keep up the good work so I can smash it!

And in case anyone is interested in the food diary – I picked this up at Wilkinson’s for a paltry Β£1.75. I drew the lines in myself to make sections as I wanted. The date stuff at the top is already printed on the pages.


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