Festive Momentum…

After shedding 4lbs last week, it’s renewed my determination to keep up the good work, despite the season.

Everywhere I look, people are saying they’re going to come off the plan till after Xmas, but I’m doing the complete opposite! The way I see it, Xmas is ONE DAY! There are 14 days between now and then – that’s two whole weeks. I’m sure everyone knows how much they can gain in one week when they go off plan. Well there are TWO weeks that you would have gains if you do that now. TWO WEEKS of GAINING weight before Xmas. Is that really what anyone wants?

“But I have three Xmas lunches and four Xmas nights out between now than then!” I hear you cry!

Christmas_dinner_s_1852562aSo, that’s three meals and four evenings! Big wow! To be honest, with the meals, you can have loads of speed veg on your plate and eat those first, followed by the free food (turkey is free!), saving the synful stuff for last if you have any room left for them. And yes, you can have a pudding, but perhaps skip the starter if you’re doing that? And skip the cheese and biscuits afterwards, yes? You’re still having a fabulous meal and enjoying yourself, but you don’t have to eat everything in sight. Or you could buck the trend entirely – skip the turkey and have yourself a delicious steak with loads of steamed veg and a baked potato or some salad. Entirely free! Leaving your syns for a little pudding (how about you split one with someone else?) and a drink or two.

And on those nights out, yes, have a couple of drinks, but make sure that through the day, all your meals are on-plan and syn-free, leaving your syns allowance for those drinkies with your friends.

You could even do the 777 Challenge on those days you don’t have meals and nights out, and use the leftover syns flexibly, to protect your weight loss!

Just because it’s Xmas, doesn’t mean you should scupper your efforts to date. Think about how you’re going to feel when you step on those scales in the New Year and find you’ve gained a stone or more in the three weeks you had off-plan (because let’s face it, if you’re saying sod it for Xmas, you’re going to say sod it for New Year too, aren’t you?).

My own Xmas dinner plans for the big day are just a little naughty, but mostly on-plan. There will be LOADS of speed veg (steamed) and roast potatoes (Slimming World style, so syn-free!), and roast turkey (no skin!), so the bulk of my meal will be syn-free. I will treat myself to a small Yirkshire pudding (2 syns) and some real turkey gravy (maybe 2 syns), and I will certainly have a few roast chestnuts with my sprouts, a small dollop of cranberry sauce, and a wee touch of skirlie (Scottish oatmeal stuffing), which is a bit synful, but I only want a little taste of them – not mountains – for me, Xmas dinner isn’t Xmas dinner without them. I have bought myself a very small, individual Xmas pudding, and I will be having brandy sauce with it, but again, that’s a once-a-year thing. I’m not having it in the run-up to Xmas, and I won’t be having it after Xmas either.

I’m toying with the idea of making some little filo-pastry mince pies – just half a dozen or so, so I can have a couple on Xmas Eve, but I’m not getting a Xmas cake, because I’m the only person in our house who likes it, and although I like it, for me, it’s not worth the syns. I’d rather make a fruity tea loaf, which is only 4.5 syns per slice!

And in the run-up to Xmas, I will be using the 777 Challenge rules from Tuesday (my weigh-in day) to Thursday, and from Saturday to Monday, meaning those extra syns I used on Xmas Day will just fill those “spare” syns from the challenge!

I know many consultants are saying they don’t expect anyone to have a loss at their post-Xmas weigh-in, and that a maintain would be something of a Xmas miracle, but I plan to buck that expectation! Even if I shed only half a pound, it will make me feel amazing!

mrs.claus_I’m not saying any of this to be preachy – I’m just posting it as a statement of my intent, to keep myself accountable, because if I’ve posted here on my blog that I intend to lose weight over Xmas, I’m going to do my damnedest to make sure that happens! And I’d love to make a pact with anyone who will comment below saying as much, to make Xmas Day ONE DAY, and to stick to the plan for the rest of the holidays, because losing weight and getting healthy isn’t just for the summer holidays and beach-ready bikini bodies – it’s for Xmas and the rest of the year too!


7 thoughts on “Festive Momentum…

  1. I’m pretty much with you on this. I have one more night out then it’s really just Xmas day and the 29th when we have family coming over and they bring a dish. 7lb back to target and 3 weigh ins x


  2. I completely agree! I’m on a mission and determined not to go off plan over Christmas! It’s one day and even with all the parties and meals out you can still make good choices. What would people rather have? A 4Ib loss or 7Ib gain! Like you said, veg and salad is always available. My GYM is only shut on Christmas Day so there is no excuse there either! You go girl 😀😘 x


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