Week 35 Weigh In

keep-calm-its-weigh-in-dayI am totally in the zone now! Another pound off this week, taking me to just one pound shy of my 52lbs in the year target, and I still have two weigh ins before the end of the year. I can do this!

I think keeping track of everything in my new book is really helping me focus, and making sure I get enough to drink, as I know that can be a problem with me. I’m able to write my meal plans directly into the book and see how much speed food I’m eating in comparison to free and protein foods, and keep my syns in check, as well as making sure I’m eating my healthy extras.

Being a very visual person, I think it really helps to see it written down in black and white. I still use Syns Online, on the Slimming World website, to check my syns values, and for any changes in the Healthy Extras, but the act of writing it down keeps things clear for me, and means I don’t go over my syns allowance – it’s helping me stay focused and that’s just what I needed, really. I needed to reboot that initial enthusiasm I had when I first started at Slimming World, and do away with complacency.

8775a5e8661ada97a1fc05e0749ed938I’m determined to keep up the good work over the festive season, after all, Xmas Day is just one day, not a week or a fortnight, so that is the one day I will allow myself a little leniency, but in the run up to and after Xmas Day, I will be using fewer syns, so that I have those to play with on Xmas Day.

I’m coming to realise that I don’t have to stuff myself silly to enjoy myself – I can have and enjoy a little of the synful stuff, and not go overboard. There’s still that temptation, but I’m learning to stop myself and ask which I want more – that piece of cake, or another pound off at my next weigh in? At the moment, the pound off is winning, and I want to keep that going. After all, there will always be cake and chocolate – I don’t have to have it all now!


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